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Our Vision

We want to improve people‘s lives by disrupting innovation barriers in miniaturization

Our Mission

We will become a lean ODM and Tier 1 supplier of microparts, nanostructures and components for industrial micro-applications.

Corporate Values

Highest Quality Standards


Whether the materials and the technology used, or the exact properties of the end product - top quality is the focus of our work and is one of the reasons for our success.

Customer Oriented

The customer is the focus of all our efforts. Together with our customers we are always seeking for the best solution in order to serve the demands and needs of the customers.



Together we are stronger, which is why teamwork is so important at Nanovoxel. In order to archive the highest potential of each employee, we support each other wherever possible.

About NanoVoxel

Thanks to our long experience in the micro-manufacturing world, we discovered the flexibility and precision of 2PP micro-3D printing to be the right solution to reduce the painful and long delivery times in producing micro-parts.


Thus, NanoVoxel was born in May 2022 and became a fast-growing innovation company utilizing 2PP technology with a clear vision: to improve people's lives by breaking down innovation barriers in industrial miniaturization.


​NanoVoxel will revolutionize many areas of manufacturing in a variety of industries such as consumer electronics, micro medical devices, optical micro lenses and other areas that require high value micro parts.

Our Team

Our Partners

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