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Our Service

We convert your initial idea into a finished micro-product in record time with unmatched quality and accuracy.

Benefit from our all-in-one service for industrial high-resolution micro components or simply make use of one of the services we offer individually.

We are able to produce low-volume prototypes and high-volume mass production.

Direct Printing

For a long time, traditional methods such as micro injection molding or micromachining were the leading processes in the manufacturing of components. These common methods are usually associated with high tool and maintenance costs, long waiting times and inflexibility when changing the order. They are therefore not very suitable for small-volume orders.

The new generation of our 2 photon polymerization 3D printers eliminates all these disadvantages of conventional CNC processes and micro injection molding. Not only can our printers produce in the nanometer range with an accuracy of up to 0.2 µm, they are also very cost-efficient and  are fast in deliver, a competitive advantage when it comes to prototyping.

In addition, the additive manufacturing process enables the construction of complex structures that are hardly possible with other processes. Changes to the design or structure of the micro-part can be reacted to quickly and efficiently.


µ-Injection Molding
Cavity Manufacturing

It is not without reason that micro-injection molding has revolutionized the manufacturing industry and dominated as the frontrunner for years. It is still possibly the best process for large volume mass production due to several distinct advantages.

With 30 years of experience in micro injection molding, we have optimized the process, which enables us to produce large quantities with the lowest possible use of materials, cost-effectively and unmatched delivery speed.

Depending on your needs, we use rapid prototyping generated cavities to manufacture your micro parts. From plastic to metals, we are able to manufacture cavities of different materials and hardness.

Micro Assembly

To complete our service, we also offer everything to do with the planning and conception of micro-components. We support you in developing the best possible design of the micro part to increase its effectiveness, find out which method is best suited for production and make suggestions for improvements.

In addition to manufacturing microcomponents themselves, we can also manufacture cost-effective micromanipulation tools that can be used for further processing.

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