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Our Service

We have the capability to transform your preliminary concept into a final micro-product swiftly, exhibiting unparalleled quality and precision.

Leverage our all-inclusive service for industrial high-resolution micro components, or select from our individualized service offerings that best meet your requirements.

Our production capabilities extend to low-volume prototyping and high-volume mass production.

Direct Printing

For an extended period, conventional techniques such as micro injection molding or micromachining have dominated the production of components. These widely-used methods are typically associated with elevated tool and maintenance costs, prolonged lead times, and rigidity when altering orders. Consequently, they are not particularly suited for low-volume orders.

Our cutting-edge 2 photon polymerization 3D printers of the latest generation eradicate all the aforementioned drawbacks of traditional CNC procedures and micro injection molding. Our printers are capable of producing items in the nanometer range with up to 0.2 µm accuracy, thereby offering cost-effectiveness, promptness in delivery, and a competitive edge in prototyping.

Moreover, the additive manufacturing technique facilitates the construction of intricate structures that are arduous to realize with other processes. Changes to the design or configuration of the micro-part can be promptly and efficiently addressed.


µ-Injection Molding
Cavity Manufacturing

The dominance of micro-injection molding as a trailblazer in the manufacturing industry is not unfounded, given its numerous benefits for large volume mass production.

Having amassed three decades of proficiency in micro injection molding, we have fine-tuned the process, allowing us to fabricate substantial quantities utilizing minimal materials in a cost-effective and prompt manner, with unparalleled delivery speed.

Depending on your specifications, we leverage cavities produced through rapid prototyping to construct your micro parts. Our expertise spans across an array of materials and hardness levels, enabling us to manufacture cavities from plastic to metals.

Micro Assembly

In addition to our manufacturing services, we provide comprehensive support in the planning and conception of micro-components. Our team of experts assists in optimizing the design of micro parts to enhance their efficacy, determines the most fitting production method, and suggests recommendations for improvement.

Furthermore, we offer cost-effective micromanipulation tools for further processing in addition to the fabrication of microcomponents.

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