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Elektronische Geräte

Consumer Electronics

The consumer electronics industry is witnessing an annual growth, with increasingly demanding requisites. Shrinking part sizes, heightened precision, intricate structures, and robust, heat-resistant materials are some of the criteria that need to be fulfilled every year.

Micro parts find utility across diverse consumer electronic applications, such as acoustics, AR product development, computer hardware, and drone components, with their application scope nearly limitless.

NanoVoxel provides an extensive range of services that cater to the challenging requirements of the global consumer electronics market. Our integrated offerings enable us to fulfill diverse demands of the industry.

Medical Devices

The healthcare industry is witnessing a rapid evolution in micro-manufacturing. Manufacturing of small medical devices is often an expensive and time-consuming process, primarily due to their intricate nature. Another challenge is the need for individual customization of these devices.

Micro-components are extensively utilized across various medical applications, ranging from hearing aids, surgical equipment, implants, cell structures, to micro-needles. The 3D printing technology also enables the production of drug delivery products in the future.

At our facility, we specialize in delivering high-precision micro-manufactures for medical technology in the shortest possible time. Our expertise enables us to cater to individual, person-specific requirements, providing a distinct advantage in the industry.

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Micro Devices

The trend towards miniaturization of components is gaining momentum across various sectors. While consumer electronics and medical technology are among the prominent fields of application, the automotive industry, micro-robotics, and MEMS manufacturing are also witnessing an upsurge in demand for highly intricate and minuscule components.

Manufacturers are constantly seeking novel approaches to produce these small yet intricate products and components, but are often impeded by lengthy lead times and design rigidity. At NanoVoxel, we cater to these needs and requirements by offering a comprehensive range of manufacturing solutions.


Industrial 3D printing offers the possibility to manufacture components based on their desired function and design, rather than being limited by the manufacturing process. Complex geometries, such as three-dimensional structures with undercuts or cavities, can be challenging to produce with conventional technologies, such as milling, turning, or casting, and are often associated with high costs.

At NanoVoxel, we offer a wide range of options to manufacture complex geometries, including hollow structures, with minimal restrictions. Furthermore, our 3D printing process allows for lower material consumption, resulting in significant cost savings.

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