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Pioneers of the
Additive Manufacturing Industry

What makes us special is that we do not limit ourselves to one production process but offer 3D printing, micro injection molding and micro assembly and thus provide the full scope for the production of micro-components.


That range of service and the fact that we currently achieve the highest possible resolution combined with the shortest delivery time makes us the ideal partner for your micro parts production.

We accompany you from your first idea to the finished high-precision micro-part from the prototype to series production.

Our Services

Direct Printing

With the newest state-of-the-art 3D printers using 2PP technology we enable highest-resolution, fast, material-efficient and cost-effective printing of micro parts.

µ-Injection Molding
Cavity Manufacturing

Micro-injection moulding is particularly well suited for high-volume series. We offer plastic or metal moulds to manufacture your micro parts or needed moulds.

Micro Assembly

Thanks to the capability of delivering quickly and cost-competitive tools for the micro-manipulation, we are the perfect partner to offer a holistic solution for your micro-manufacturing production.

Fields of Application




We offer various high quality photopolymers to achieve the best result for your required micro part.
In addition to the 2-photon polymers we offer, we are also open to other available materials of your choice. Our 3 printers are compatible with most resins available on the market.

We look forward to supporting you in the selection of materials in order to find the most suitable solution together with you.



Our repertoire does not only include directly printable materials. Since we see ourselves as a full-service provider for micro parts, we also offer additive processes to produce unmatched combinations of metals with polymers.

Thanks to our many years of expertise in cavity production, we can produce metal molds which are subsequently suitable for the production of metal micro-components.


Ceramics & More

The production of micro-parts made of ceramics is gaining in importance especially in medical technology or in the construction of prototypes. Ceramic impresses with unique product properties such as high heat resistance.

Furthermore, we are always testing and developing new and existing materials and are happy to advise you on possible material combinations for your micro-component.

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