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NanoVoxel GmbH is the first all-in-one service provider for industrially manufactured high-precision micro parts using 2PP micro 3D printing technology.

Combining the most advanced printing systems with leading competencies in micro injection molding and cavity manufacturing, NanoVoxel can produce plastic parts and components with resolution in the micro-/nanometer range from prototypes to series production.

  • Incomparable delivery speed

  • Highest-Resolution to 0.2 µm

  • Part Sizes up to 40x40x40 mm

  • Specialized in micro parts or microstructures

With the newest state-of-the-art 2PP micro 3D printing technology we achieve the unmatched resolution of 0.2 µm with industry-compatible printing time. Complex micro-parts with accuracy of single digit micro-meters are finally producible with the easiness and flexibility of 3D printing.

We bring to the table more than 30 years of experience in micro-injection molding. This process is particularly well suited for high-volume micro-parts, thanks to its material use efficiency and speed.

Depending on your needs, we use rapid prototyping generated cavities to manufacture your micro parts. From plastic to metals, we are able to manufacture cavities of different materials and hardness, with designs often not achievable with standard manufacturing methods.

Thanks to the capability of delivering quickly and cost-competitive tools for the micro-manipulation, we are the perfect partner to offer a holistic solution for your micro-manufacturing production.


Especially nowadays, when product life cycles are getting shorter and technologies are developing rapidly, fast delivery of high-precision micro parts is becoming increasingly important in a wide variety of industrial sectors. NanoVoxel is your partner for the flexible production from single part to mass production of micro-components for electronic consumer goods, medical devices, filters - the potential applications are limitless.


> Acoustics

> Connectors

> Mechanical Parts

Special high
Micro Devices

> Micro robots


> Drones


> Implants

> Micro-components

> Micro-needles


> Masters

> Lab-on-a-Chip

> Nozzles

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Through the fast indirect tooling procedures, Nanovoxel offers not only a large choice of 3D printable photopolymers, but also the entire portfolio of injection-molding thermo-plastic materials. Moreover, we offer additive processes to produce unmatched combinations of plastic and metals or ceramics.


Accurately measuring micro-sized parts poses a significant challenge. However, NanoVoxel possesses the requisite expertise and cutting-edge technology to provide precise and dependable dimensional analysis of your components. Our capabilities encompass an extensive range of advanced techniques such as nano-precision laser 3D profilometry, SEM microscopy, and micro-computer tomography.


Our diverse range of services cater to your varied requirements, ranging from the production of individual 3D printed micro-parts to micro-injection molded mass production parts. This adaptable approach enables NanoVoxel to offer comprehensive assistance, starting from the initial design phase and prototyping, all the way through to the large-scale production of your micro-components.

About NanoVoxel

Thanks to our long experience in the micro-manufacturing world, we discovered the flexibility and precision of 2PP micro-3D printing to be the right solution to reduce the painful and long delivery times in producing micro-parts.

Thus, NanoVoxel was born in May 2022 with a clear vision: to improve people's lives by breaking down innovation barriers in industrial miniaturization.

​NanoVoxel will revolutionize many areas of manufacturing in a variety of industries that require high value micro parts.

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