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NanoVoxel GmbH is the first all-in-one service provider for industrially manufactured micro parts.
By further developing of the latest 2PP 3D printing technology, combined with leading competencies in micro injection molding and metallization processes, NanoVoxel is able to produce parts and components with resolutions in the micro-/nanometer range from prototypes to series production.

  • Planning/Production/Quality Management

  • Part Sizes up to 40x40x40 mm

  • Highest-Resolution down to 0.2 µm

3D printing technology has come a long way in recent years. The new generation of 3D printers enables high-resolution, fast, material-efficient and cost-effective printing.

Due to the strongly developed printing speed, it is possible to print both prototypes and micro part series. 

Parts produced by micro injection molding have a weight of a few milligrams and structures in the micrometer range.


Micro-injection molding is particularly well suited for high-volume series, it is efficient in material use and well developed. Depending on your needs, we use plastic or metal molds to manufacture your micro parts.

The metallization of dielectric surfaces and plastics in particular is essential for a large number of technical applications like the electromagnetic shielding of housings or the interior and exterior of automobiles.


The further development of the metallization process is one of NanoVoxel’s core projects in near future.


Especially nowadays, when product life cycles are getting shorter and technologies are developing rapidly, high-precision micro parts are becoming increasingly important in a wide variety of industrial sectors. NanoVoxel offers the production of micro-components for electronic consumer goods, medical devices, complicated filter structures, among others, but the potential applications are almost limitless. 


> Acoustics

> Connectors

> Mechanical Parts

   (e.g. keyboards)

Special high
Micro Devices

> Micro robots


> Drones


> Implants

> Cell structures

> Surgical

Filter with

> Fabric filter

> Automobile filters

> Different filter

   structures with

   smallest distances


Which material we use for production depends entirely on the required properties of the product. Ranging from high temperature to ceramic filled to most of the materials available for DLP are possible. Together with our suppliers we ensure that only selected and high-quality materials are used. 


All delivered parts will be characterized with an OQC report reporting all the most important geometrical data. 
The reports will present a comparison between the step file and the printed part. 


Depending on your requirements, we either print the micro-parts directly using 2PP 3D printing or produce molds made of plastic/metal for micro-injection molding processes. This approach enables NanoVoxel to deliver micro parts faster and more cost-effectively and offers you the opportunity to react efficiently to changes in the market. 



We work closely with our partner UpNano GmbH to constantly develop and meet the demands of the market 

Domenico Foglia, the founder of NanoVoxel, recognized the problem of high costs and long delivery times of molds. Through his long experience in the industry, he deduced that  there must be a technique to be able to deliver micro-parts faster and more efficiently - NanoVoxel was born.

NanoVoxel was founded in May 2022 and became a fast-growing innovation laboratory utilizing 2PP technology with a clear vision: To improve people's lives by breaking down innovation barriers in industrial miniaturization.

NanoVoxel will revolutionize many areas of the manufacturing industry. It´s service can be used in a variety of industries such as consumer electronics, micro medical devices, optical micro lenses and other areas that require high resolution micro parts.

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